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When an author writes a composition, he or she is expressing their own personal opinion on a certain issue or situation without claiming to be entirely interpretive. As a result, it falls somewhere in between a scientific article and a short composition-opinion piece, and it does not necessitate the use of a rigid narrative, as would be required in a report. It is between a scientific and a journalistic approach in how such written material is presented. It is permissible to incorporate citations into a composition so long as the total volume of the work does not exceed one-third of the total work. Consequently, working with literature and getting to know many points of view on the subject under consideration is an important part of any arrangement. Composition does not have to be a comprehensive response to a subject; rather, it simply needs to explain your stance on the issue, supported by relevant quotations or material.

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It is possible for a student to struggle with work for several reasons, including:

  • the difficulty of discovering research on a specific topic
  • The inability to plan, due to a lack of time
  • The impossibility of expressing one’s thoughts adequately

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